Meditation Workshop
 Stages of Meditation 1

Stages of Meditation - Part 1

We must see emptiness directly. In order to do so, we must gain a deep intellectual
understanding of emptiness, through constant study, debate, and deep meditative
analysis. Thus it is essential for us to learn how to place ourselves into deep

Stages of Meditation is a series of four courses based on a text by that name, composed by the Indian sage Master Kamalashila in the 8th century, which lay out a complete path of meditation that has led many to reach ultimate goals. These courses also make reference to additional texts on meditation.

The purpose of the series of Stages of Meditation courses is two-fold: to gain a deeper understanding of emptiness by challenging ourselves with different analyses of emptiness, and through that process, to teach ourselves how to work towards and achieve a state of deep, single-pointed concentration the platform we need in order to see emptiness directly.

The classes will contain textual studies and written homework; however this is
primarily a practice-oriented class that is centered on actually sitting down and
trying to focus the mind. So we will be practicing actual meditation training, both in
and out of the class.

Taught by Lama Dvora-hla
Based on teachings by Lama Christie MacNally

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Recordings from a workshop taught
by Lama Dvora-hla

New York, USA
January 2006